What Is My Case Worth?

1. 350% more money or higher if you retain Graves Law Offices than if you handle your claim on your own*.

2. Our staff of former insurance company adjusters know the inside game and how to get the top amount insurance companies will pay for specific types of injury claims.

3. The value of your case most likely will go up if we send you to our doctors who will write reports for the insurance company to verify your injuries. In most cases this leads to substantially higher settlements.

4. The value of your case goes up if Graves Law Offices handles your case because we have been to trial against insurance companies and established our reputation of maximizing claims.

5. The value of your case will be affected by the nature and extent of your injuries and the defendant’s insurance limits and/or your uninsured motorist insurance limits.

  • The following information is based upon Graves Law Offices internal statistics of cases we have handled over 25 years plus the Insurance Research Council (IRC) and All-Industry Research Advisory Council (ARAC)

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